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What's new now : RFID

RFID Labelingdbf is now offering Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labels to its customers. With state-of-the-art insertion technology, dbf offers high quality smart labels with excellent performance and reliability. Best of all the inlay insertion process is highly flexible and frequency neutral, making it possible for customers to select the size, shape, and frequency that best fits their application.

A technology that uses radio waves to identify unique items, RFID is vital for businesses that want to compete in today’s marketplace. RFID has become the industry’s most progressive and efficient process for package labeling, with a growth rate of 46% a year. This technology can be an effective part of a company’s plan to improve efficiency and become more cost competitive in today’s market, both domestically and internationally. RFID can be used in supply chain management, item and asset identification, and warehouse management and shipping container security.

dbf is making it possible for its customers to easily and economically transition into this technology by supplying its customers with all of their RFID labeling needs. For more information please call 570-288-2032 or 1-888-323-3676.

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